eBook Publishing Questions Asked

eBook Publishing Questions Asked

Are you looking to get a book that you wrote published?  Whether that book is a romance novel, a science fiction novel, a children’s book, or a book from another genre, there is a good chance that you have a number of questions.  This is most commonly the case with new or unpublished authors.  For your convenience, a few common questions that writers who are looking to get a book published have and their answers are highlighted below.

Question A:  Is it easy to get a book published?

Answer:  Not always.  Of course, it is possible to get your book published, but did you know that most writers receive only rejection letters?  With that being said, even if you do receive a rejection letter or even multiple letters for that matter, it is important not to give up.  Many of the most well-known and successful authors today did not give up, even after many received multiple rejections.  It takes time and trial and error to find the publisher that is the perfect fit for you and your book.

Question B:  How much money can I make?

As for determining how much money you can make when getting your book published, you will find that it honestly all depends.  There are a number of varied factors that you will want to take into consideration.  These factors include the publisher in question, the genre of your book, and its length.  Typically speaking, books that are longer in length are likely more valuable and well-known publishers are more likely to make more money.  Your experience may also have an impact on what you receive.

Question C:  Do I need to have a literary agent?

It is no secret that literally agents are recommended.  When researching tips on how to get a book published online, you will see a large number of individuals recommending that you use the professional assistance of a literary agent.  Yes, there are many publishers who only work with authors who have agents, but many others do not have this requirement.  If you cannot afford the cost of an agent, consider getting your book published on your own first.  If you cannot, then consider hiring a literary agent to assist you.

Question D:  How do I find book publishers?

When it comes to finding book publishers, you will find that you have a number of different options.  One of the easiest approaches to take is with the purchase of the Writer’s Market guide or another similar resource.  These books typically sell for less than $20 each.  They detail publishers for you in specific genres, outline what they are looking for, what requirements each publishers have, and so forth.

In addition to purchasing the Writer’s Market book or another similar resource, you can also use the internet to your advantage.  Some websites highlight publishers that accept manuscripts, but you will find that best success by visiting the websites of each publisher.  They should outline detailed information, much like what you would find in printed guides for writers.

Question E:  What are my chances of being published?

As with the amount of money you can make with a published book, you will find that your chances of getting your book published all depend on a number of factors.  First, it is important to look at how many publishers you are approaching.  The more publishers you approach, the better your chances are.  It is also important to note that the Writer’s Market books detail for you on average how many books a publisher puts out each year.   This can also help to give you a good idea as to what your chances of being published are.

The above mentioned questions are just a few of the many questions that many new authors have about getting a book published.  As a quick recap, be sure to do the proper amount of research first, in terms of publishers, never assume that you will make a certain amount of money until an offer arrives, and do not give up even if your book is rejected by a number of publishers.

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Help With Data Recovery

Help With Data Recovery

If you’ve had something bad happen to your hard drive and find yourself looking for data recovery help, your probably in a hurry, not wanted to listen to hype or schemes.  Many individuals who have experienced the loss of their data cannot wait, and need to have their data now.  Businesses on the other hand, need to have their data up and working so that they can continue to carry out their normal day to day operations.

Anytime you experience problems with your hard drive, you can count on data recovery to recover your data.  There are a few options available, the first being recovery specialists that can actually come to you.  They will look at your computer and your hard drive, and first determine what caused the hard drive to malfunction.  Data recovery specialists are highly skilled computer technicians, and know the hard drive inside and out.

Good specialists are those who can be there anytime you call.  You don’t want someone who isn’t reliable, especially if you are looking to establish a relationship.  If the technician is able to be there immediately, he or she is showing that they are dependable.  In the event of data loss or hard drive failure, you’ll want someone who doesn’t waste any time at all.

Another option available to you is software programs.  These programs are great to use, although they must be used before you problem.  You can’t use them after the disaster has happened, as there is nothing there to install it to.  If you install the program before hand and keep it installed, it can help you after the disaster.  Most programs keep your previous data and information on file, so just in case something does happen to your hard drive, it will be available

In the event of a hard drive failure, virus, or natural disaster, there are options that you can use to recover your data.  The most popular are data recovery technicians and data recovery software.  For businesses and corporations, technicians are the preferred way to go.  Technicians can recover your files, even rebuild your hard drive if they need to.  In the event of a hardware problem, the software won’t be able to do much for you.

Anytime you need help with data recovery, you should always look towards a specialist to help you.  They can fix most problems, and more importantly – restore your precious data.  No matter where you live, there should be specialists close by who are always on call.  Most charge very reasonable prices, and will come to you in the event of an emergency.  When you compare specialists to software – the specialists are by far the best option for helping you with your data recovery.

How to Write an eBook and What to Do with It

How to Write an eBook and What to Do with It

Are you a web content writer who works for hire? If so, have you taken the time to examine e-books? If not, do. Thanks to the popularity of the internet and e-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, writing e-books is becoming a good moneymaking opportunity.

If you have never written an e-book before, you may be nervous about the process. As a web content writer, you specialize in writing articles that are typically about one page in length. On the other hand, an e-book can have 200 pages or more. Yes, when looked at from that point, writing an e-book seems like an overwhelming task. Instead, look at it as writing a series of articles. These articles will later be arranged in order and compiled into one e-book.

So, how can you write an e-book?

1 – Choose a Category

If you are a web content writer, you special in writing helpful and informative articles. This is your expertise, so you should stick with it. If you later want to expand to creative writing, do so. First, stick with what you know best. This will make writing an e-book easier.

As for the category, choose a topic that is interesting to you, such as working from home, parenting, or saving money. Or, choose an issue that is important to Americans, such as how to lessen the impact of global warming, how to make money from home, and so forth.

2 – Create a Title for Your E-Book

If writing a how-to book, this will be very easy. What does your e-book show readers how to do? If it is save money, a good title would be “How to Keep Money in Your Wallet.”

3 – Write Your Introduction

An introduction for an e-book is just like an article introduction. The only difference is the length. Summarize the purpose of your e-book, as well as your reasons for writing it. Instead of squeezing your introduction into one paragraph, use the entire page.

4 – Write Your E-Book

This will be the hard part for most. As previously stated, think of it as a collection of articles. Create an outline first. If you want to show people how to save money, start by outlining the ways one can save money. There is saving money on groceries, eating out, clothes, travel, utilities and so forth. Each of these can be a section or chapter.

Inside each chapter, break down into articles. For example, saving money at the grocery store can have one article that highlights why you should, how it can increase your savings, how you can use coupons, tips for finding coupons, and tips for getting full use out of them. Within minutes, you may have a collection of articles that can be transformed into a 10 page section or chapter.

5 – Write Your Conclusion

Your conclusion should summarize your e-Book and what readers just learned. Restate some of your most helpful and moneysaving tips.

6 – Edit Your e-Book

If you use Microsoft Word, the program will help you capture many grammar and spelling errors. It, however, isn’t 100% full proof. So, proofread and edit your book.

Now that you know how to compose an e-book, you may wonder how to make money from it. The good news is that you have many options. You can create a website and sell your e-book from there, use a third party marketplace, like LuLu.com, or convert your e-book to digital text and sell it as an Amazon Kindle book. To increase your earnings, do all three.

A website is easy and affordable to create. Lulu.com and other third party marketplaces are easy to use. As for the Amazon Kindle, you just need a free account. Upload your Microsoft Word document to the digital text platform and it will automatically convert the file into digital text. This makes it readable for Amazon Kindle users. Your book is then listed for sale at the Amazon Kindle Store.


How to Market a For Sale Kindle Book

How to Market a For Sale Kindle Book

Did you just write, covert, and upload an e-book for the Amazon Kindle Store? If so, you are now selling a digital text Kindle Book. It will be available for sale on Amazon.com. Although Amazon is a popular website that receives a lot of traffic, you should still market your for sale e-book. With marketing, you generate interest. The right interest should translate into more sales.

So, how do you market a for sale Amazon Kindle e-book?

Create a sales page. As previously stated, an Amazon Kindle Book is in digital text format. When listing the book for sale, Amazon automatically coverts your files for you. You should still retain the original document on your computer. Use that original and create a traditional e-book. Use a free PDF converter online or create an account with Create a PDF Online. Traditional e-books should be sold in this format, as all computers are equipped with the software needed to read.

After converting the Microsoft Word file into an Adobe PDF document, create a sales page. You make this website yourself. It can be as short as one page. Create a press release. Mention the title of your e-book, your name as the author, and write a description. This description should include the storyline or the topics covered in a how-to guide. Visit PayPal.com to create a free account. List your e-book for sale with PayPal as the accepted method of payment. This approach allows you to increase your earnings, as you target all computer owners, not just those with the Amazon Kindle.

At the bottom of your sales page, mention your e-book is available for sale for the Amazon Kindle device. State your selling price and provide a link to your Amazon sales page.

Use search engine optimization on your sales page. Search engine optimization involves the use of keyword articles. Internet users search Yahoo or Google with these phrases. Is the e-book a how-to guide on saving money? Use a free keyword tracker tool, which can be found with a standard internet search. Enter in the phrase “save,” or “save money.” You will see exactly what phrases users search for. Incorporate these into your sales page. This allows the search engines to pickup your content. So, if an internet user searches for “how to save money on groceries,” they may be brought directly to your e-book sales page. There, they can purchase the traditional e-book or visit Amazon.com for the Kindle version.

Use customer testimonials on your e-book sales page. When selling a Kindle Book on Amazon.com, buyers will review your e-book. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get started. Some buyers don’t want to purchase an e-book without reading reviews first. If you don’t have any, they may move on. Prevent this from happening by getting customer testimonials. Create a listing on Craigslist.org asking users to review your e-book. Offer them a free copy. Post those reviews on your sales page and in the product description for your Amazon Kindle Book.

Become active in e-book and Amazon Kindle communities. Many message boards online cover a wide range of topics. A standard internet search can help you find message boards that discuss e-books and the Amazon Kindle. Become active in these communities. Join in on discussions or create your own. If the forum has a buy, sell, or trade section, list your Amazon Kindle book for sale and create a link to the sale page. If signatures are allowed, create a catchy slogan for your Amazon Kindle book and make the link clickable, leading to your Amazon.com sales page.

In conclusion, it can be difficult to market a for sale Amazon Kindle book. For that reason, create a sales page and sell the traditionally formatted e-book too. By stating on your personal sales page that your book is also available for the Amazon Kindle, you increase your earnings.


How to Create a Digital Text Book for the Amazon Kindle

How to Create a Digital Text Book for the Amazon Kindle

Are you an author who enjoys writing for pay or for personal enjoyment? If so, you should turn to Amazon.com. Many new writers are surprised to learn that Amazon.com has a self-publish option for their popular e-book reading device, the Kindle.

When writing a book to sell on the Amazon Kindle Store, you have two options. You can create an e-book from scratch or use one you already wrote and retain the rights to. To increase earnings, do both. Profit from your old how-to books gathering dust on your computer and achieve your dream of always writing a romance novel.

The first step in profiting from Amazon Kindle books is to write yours. You can review the Amazon Kindle Store on Amazon.com. This enables you to scout the competition. There are hundreds of thousands of Kindle Books available for sale. Choose a how-to topic that is interesting to you, but unique on the website. For creative novels, just write from the heart. This automatically results in a unique novel with a captivating storyline.

After composing the e-book, proofread and edit. In fact, do it many times. Even the best writers make mistakes. Books for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store are subject to reviews. A good book with little to no errors should result in positive reviews. These are important to your success. A poorly reviewed e-book will limit sales. After all, no one wants to buy a bad book.

Once your book is ready for self-publishing, you visit the Amazon website, at Amazon.com. From there, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the “Self-Publish with Us,” link and choose the Amazon Kindle. You will arrive at the digital text platform; log into your account. At the dashboard, click to view your shelf and add a new item.

Preparing an e-book for sale with the Kindle self-publishing option is broken into three easy steps. Step one is to describe the book. Complete all fields. Write the title of your book, your name as the author, and write a description. If selling a how-to guide, highlight a few steps or topics covered. If selling a creative work of fiction, summarize your storyline and introduce the main characters.

Once product details are complete, move onto the next step. Step two is uploading and previewing your documents. To be compatible with the Amazon Kindle, all books must be in digital text format. Browse to find the text, word, HTML, or PDF document on your computer. During the upload process, these files convert into digital text. The latter part of step two is to preview your digital text file. Be on the lookout for formatting issues and alter any errors.

Once your files are properly upload and converted, move onto the next step. Step three is setting the selling price. If you haven’t already browsed the Amazon Kindle Book Store, open a new internet window and do so now. There are thousands of books available for sale. Yours will be one of many. A good cover and detailed product description will set your e-book apart from the rest, but so will a good selling price. Do not undersell yourself, but don’t charge too much. First time authors, typically charge less than $10. How-to books are usually shorter in length; therefore, they should cost less.

Once the selling price is set, click on the “Publish,” link. Your e-book is ready to go and properly formatted for the Amazon Kindle. Within 24 hours, on average, your book will be listed for sale on Amazon.com.


Amazon Kindle Books versus eBooks: Which is Best?

Amazon Kindle Books versus eBooks: Which is Best?

If you are a web content writer who wants to increase your earnings, you may move up to the next level. For most, this is e-books. Although you can write e-books for hire, you can also write and sell your own. In fact, you have many options when doing so. You can leave your e-Book as is or use the Amazon digital text platform to transform your e-book into an Amazon Kindle book. Which option is best? Both!

If you want to make money selling an e-book you composed, it is important to understand your targeted market. Unfortunately, it is still relatively small. E-books are increasing in popularity, but some people don’t want to read a book on a computer. Many still want to feel the pages or literally cuddle with a blanket and a good book. For that reason, you need to target as many potential buyers as possible. That is why you should not only sell your e-book as it, but also convert it to a digital text Amazon Kindle book.

Most writers utilize Microsoft Word. Its spell check and grammar check programs make it easy to catch errors. After composing your e-book, proofread it. This is the most important step. Bad books get negative press and bad reviews. If you want to profit as an e-book author you need a quality book and one that isn’t riddled with errors.

After composing your e-book and proofreading, you want to get started with the Kindle Book transformation. You should do this first, as it is very easy. Visit Amaozon.com. Create a free account if you don’t have one. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Self-Publish with Us,” link. On that page, choose the Amazon Kindle. You may need to log into your account again. You should be brought to the dashboard.

Once at your dashboard for the Amazon digital text platform, choose the feature that allows you to add a new item. From there, follow the directions. This begins with entering in product details. Summarize your e-book in the product description, enter in your tile and your name as the author. The next step is the conversion. Upload your Microsoft Word document and Amazon will convert it to digital text. Proofread and preview. The final step is setting your price. Once done, click “Publish,” and your book will be uploaded to the Amazon Kindle Store in about 24 hours.

The Amazon Kindle is a handheld electronic device. It weighs 10.3 ounces and simplifies the reading of an e-book. Owners can browse, preview, purchase, and download books from the Kindle Store without any wires or computer. On average, most e-books sell for $9.99. Amazon pays you a 35% royalty fee for each sale. Although small, you can still make a profit. It is because you are targeting a specific group of customers, Kindle owners.

Targeting Amazon Kindle owners gives you an advantage, but it also hurts your profits. Kindles are popular, but not everyone owns them. They cost almost $400 and Amazon has a hard time keeping up with requests. So, don’t just rely on the Kindle the make money from your e-book. Create an account with Adobe Create a PDF or use a free PDF converter online. You should covert your Microsoft Word document to a PDF file. Not all internet users have Microsoft Word, but all have an Adobe PDF reader.

As for the sale of your book, you have many options. You can create a sales page. Post a picture of your e-book cover, summarize the book, post reviews, state the selling price, and accept PayPal. Market your e-book sales page through article directories, message boards, press releases, and sales. By handling the sale of your own e-book, you generate the largest income. You don’t have to share profits with anyone else. However, if you are limited on time or find the process overwhelming, turn to a third-party marketplace or self-publishing company, such as Lulu.com.

In short, it is easy to profit from a well-written and interesting e-book. Don’t make the mistake of limiting your income potential.

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Sell an Amazon Kindle Book in 10 Easy Steps

Sell an Amazon Kindle Book in 10 Easy Steps

The Amazon Kindle is a popular electronic device that is rapidly increasing in popularity. In fact, over a year after its release, Amazon is finding it difficult to keep up with orders. If you are author, whether you write for fun or for money, you can take this popularity and capitalize on it. You can do so by writing and selling an Amazon Kindle book.

So, what do you do?

1 – Write an E-book Outline

This is your brainstorming session. Decide on a category. What type of book do you want to write? Do you want to compose a how-to guide or express your creativity with drama, horror, or romance? Regardless, start planning your outline. For creative books, you may want to avoid an outline and just write from the heart. That is fine, but for how-to guides, an outline can be beneficial.

2 – Write an E-book

When writing the e-book, consult your outline. With an outline, you are less likely to experience writer’s block. This means you can write your e-book quicker. As for writing, compose your document in Microsoft Word. They have a helpful grammar and spell check programs. Start with the introduction, move on to the chapters, and end with the conclusion.

When writing your e-book, don’t focus on length. Just tell your story or explain the how-to process. Readers don’t want to be bombarded with fluff. E-books have varying lengths. Don’t believe yours has to have the same word count or page numbers as a best selling novel.

3 – Proofread the E-book

Even if you composed your book in Microsoft Word, proofread and edit. Spell check and grammar check programs are nice, but they are not 100% guaranteed. If you have a trusted friend or relative, ask them to proofread and analyze your book.

4 – Create an Amazon Account

To sell an Amazon Kindle book in the store, you need to have a free Amazon.com account. If you already have one, skip this step.

5 – Get Ready to Self-Publish

To self-publish your Amazon Kindle e-book, scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find a link titled “Self-Publish with Us.” Click on the link and visit the Kindle section.

6 – Go to Your Dashboard

While on the digital text platform, go to your dashboard. Here, you click on the link to add a new item. This gets the process started. If you aren’t already logged into your Amazon account, do it now.

7 – Enter Product Details

You will be prompted to enter in product details. Just fill out the form. Enter the title for your book, your name as the author, and complete the description. This description is very important. Provide many details. Prospective buyers will see it. This is your opportunity to sell your e-book.

8 – Upload

The next step is to upload your e-book to the digital text platform. Browse your computer to find the right file. It will then be converted into digital text. This is the only format compatible with the Amazon Kindle.

9 – Preview and Make Changes

After uploading and converting your Microsoft Word document to digital text, you can bypass the preview options, but don’t. Although rare, it is not uncommon for formatting issues to arise. Preview the document and make any necessary changes.

10 – Set Selling Price

Amazon enables you to set your own selling price for your Kindle book. Use your best judgment. How-to e-books are often shorter in length, so they should cost less. If you are first-time author, consumers will automatically expect to pay less. Don’t undersell yourself, but don’t set too high of a price. To profit from an Amazon Kindle book, a fair selling price is required.

As you can see, writing and selling an e-book for the Amazon Kindle is a relatively easy process. Not only is it easy to do, but to make money too. You can sit back and wait for sales or start your own marketing campaign. By driving traffic to your Amazon sales page, you generate interest and should increase your sales.


Home Security Surveillance

Home Security Surveillance

Home security surveillance has become more affordable and user friendly, easy to set up with wireless weather proof remote surveillance cameras observing the allocated environment.

Surveillance equipment has long been used at shopping centers and banks for its part in helping police officers identify suspects of crimes. Recently, the technology has become cost efficient enough for mainstream residential use, and many home security packages now include surveillance as an included component. If someone does break into a home and steal valuables, home security surveillance can aid police officials to catch the thief and return the stolen goods.

Hidden From Open Sight

Having visible cameras obviously could lead to many thieves and other unwanted guests destroying the camera and the hard copies of their escapades. However, cameras today can be incredibly tiny, and now many are hidden in seemingly normal objects such as smoke detectors and even stuffed animals. Home security surveillance is very covert, unlike the huge foot long security cameras from thirty years ago. Even the cameras that are not concealed as a normal household object are usually only a few inches long and can easily be hidden in a darkened alcove or behind a corner.

Home Security Surveillance

Home Security Surveillance Ease of Use

Home security surveillance is very easy to set up and being operating. Traditional wired systems still exist, and each camera would be wired directly into the recorder, now usually a DVR (digital video recorder) box. Some recorders copy the video live to a permanent hard drive disk while others copy the video to a CD or DVD, all requiring little to no user interaction to regulate the recording of data. Even easier yet to install and run is wireless home security surveillance. All cameras are set up at remote locations with no wiring to the recorder. Instead, wireless transmitters send signals to the recorder, making the entire installation much easier. What was a day or two long job with wired systems takes only an hour with wireless systems.

With wireless systems, some cameras can transmit video feed more than half a mile, making them perfect for a whole property so that owners can even set up a camera to watch a shed across the lawn. And if privacy is a concern, wireless systems run on an encrypted data transmission over a 2.4 GHz connection so that the neighbors won’t accidentally pick up the video feed on their network.

Home security surveillance can start as low as several hundred dollars for a complete system with several cameras and a recorder. Some premium systems with more recording capacity and cameras can run up to a few thousand dollars, but the safety of a home has no monetary value. If a burglar does break into a house with home security surveillance, the likelihood that the police will be able to identify the culprit and return the goods more than triples. Isn’t it time to get protected?

Home Security Surveillance For The Family Home Benefit

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How to Make Money Writing Magazine Articles

How to Make Money Writing Magazine Articles

How to make money writing magazine articles is for creative thinkers with a quick mind for content ideas, and also the ability to take action and run with the idea and produce it into a hard copy.   Are you looking to make money writing articles? If you are, many might assume that you want to write articles that can be viewed online. You may, however, have other ideas. One of those ideas may involve writing magazine articles.

If you are new to writing magazine articles, you may be looking for helpful tips. First, it is important to research before you write. This research can easily be done online, with a standard internet search, or by purchasing a copy of the Writer’s Market books. These books outline paying publications, including magazines, and their expectations.

How to Make Money Writing Magazine Articles
Busy office business woman talking on the phone

How to make money writing magazine articles do the research

As for the importance of research, it can save you time and money. Magazines specialize in a number of different genres; determine what these genres are ahead of time. You need to find the magazines that would be the perfect fit for your article. Research can also increase your chances of getting published, as many publishing companies specifically outline what they are looking for and what they are not.

Once you have decided which magazines you would like to write an article for submission, buy copies of that magazine. At the very least, see if magazine articles are available on the company’s website for viewing. It is not uncommon for a particular magazine to have a specific style of writing that it follows. Make sure your article is unique, but follows the same the writing style.

How to make money writing magazine articles with a choice topic

Another way to improve your chances of getting a magazine article published is to choose the topic of your article wisely. Write on a topic that you have a great interest in or one that you are passionate about. When a topic “tugs at your heart,” your article is likely to be more involved and of better quality. Also, write on a topic that you are educated on. Are you an individual with a teaching background? If so, use your background to write informative pieces on education, and so forth. Many professional publishing companies not only want quality articles, but articles that are backed with facts, figures, and knowledge.

Setting realistic goals for yourself is important. If you are new to freelance writing, don’t expect to see your article accepted and published the first time around. Yes, you want to aim high, but do not let a rejection letter bring you down. Instead, use it to improve your article writing quality.

Another easy way to improve your chances of getting a magazine article published is to get published online first. Many publishing companies ask to see samples of your previous work, want a summary of your work experience, or ask for references. Having content published online, even if it is only on a personal website or blog, can help to make you appear as an “experienced,” writer. Namely, one that can bring something to the magazine. For the best success, target websites that are known as eZines, as they are online magazines.

When submitting an article for submission, it is important to follow all directions given you. As stated above, most publishing companies will tell you what they want or don’t want. Can you submit the full article or are proposals requested? Should you double space or single space your article? Are samples of prior work published needed? Always submit articles for submission as they are requested. This alone significantly improves your chances of getting published.

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How to Make Money Writing Articles

How to Make Money Writing Articles

How to make money writing articles is a real possibility for those that are creative in their thinking and quick to get their ideas down to paper. Are you looking for ways to make money online or from home? If so, you may come across article writing online. There are a number of different ways for you to make money writing articles.

Although writing articles can help you make money from home, it is not necessarily something that you should do on a whim. First, create a small business plan. After all, if you want to write articles for money, you are essentially creating a business. That business needs to be well thought-out to be profitable.

How to make money writing articles

How to make money writing articles with a plan

It is also a good idea to decide what type of articles you want to write, ahead of time. Are you knowledgeable on the subject of computers, cell phones, and software? If so, did you know that you can specialize in technical writing, which tends to pay more? Do you want to stick with writing traditional web content or would you like to branch out to sales letters and press releases? To make the most money, you may want to consider trying all of these avenues of making money writing articles.

How to make money writing articles with a distribution

Next, you will want to decide who you want to write for. Do you want to write for yourself or for others? Know that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you use your articles to create a website that will make money through advertisements, it can take up to a year or more for you to start seeing a profit. On the other hand, if you obtain clients, you should be paid within 14 days, on average.

How much is it worth to sell?

You should also stop and think about how much money you want to make writing articles. Since you are able to write articles and work from home, you may be seeing huge dollar signs. With that said, like any other legitimate work-at-home opportunity, you will not get rich right away. Web content articles vary greatly. Some writers charge $5 per page, while others can charge as much as $50 for a page.

Determining your rate ahead of time is not required, but it will help to ensure that you are paid what you are worth. Yes, you can raise or increase your rates, depending on the projects in question, but do not undersell yourself just to find a client who will pay you to write articles. After all, you want to make money, not lose it right? At the very least, make sure you are making your state’s minimum wage.

How to make money writing articles for company brand websites

If you opt to write articles for others, you will want to target either webmasters or SEO companies. Webmasters often look for article writers for content for their websites. SEO companies are hired by webmasters to market their sites and increase their search engine rankings. Article writing is an important component of search engine ranking. Aside from outright targeting these individuals and companies, you can look for freelance job boards, visit freelance bidding websites, or create your own website.

If you opt to write your own articles, it is important to know that you have a number of different moneymaking options. One of the easiest ways is to sell your content online. There are websites that allow you to do so, but these websites tend to take a percentage of the sale. There are also websites that either pay you outright or with a page view bonus for displaying your article on their website.

Another approach that you can take is to create your own website. You can use your articles to create a content filled website. For example, if you wrote articles on dog grooming, your website could have a generalized dog care theme. Later on, you can add additional content, such as articles that outline tips for choosing a vet and so forth. With this approach, you can make money through advertisements.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can make money writing articles. In fact, that is what is so nice about doing so. You have the freedom to decide how you want to make money.

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